Have you noticed that heavy perfumes, fragrances, gas smells, new car smells, car exhaust and other chemicals are making you gag, kicking your immune system into gear? Are you suffering from constant fatigue and headaches? If so, then you may be suffering from Hashimoto’s low thyroid.

Many people notice that certain chemical orders are causing their migraines, mood changes, fatigue, rashes, autoimmune flare-ups, etc. And, people who have autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto’s low thyroid are particularly vulnerable.

While everybody should avoid coming into contact with environmental chemical toxins, some people are more susceptible and must limit their exposure as much as possible. These sufferers have what’s known as toxicant-induced loss of tolerance (TILT), a condition in which the body cannot handle chemical exposure at any level.

What Is TILT?

TILT, which many note as being multiple chemical sensitivities, usually comes with food sensitivities, sensitivity to jewelry, electronics and autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto’s low thyroid.

Why is that?

TILT has the same fundamental immune tolerance loss as Hashimoto’s disease. A person diagnosed with this condition may have many reactions, but those reactions are dependent upon two key factors: immune dysregulation and inflammation. What kinds of reactions are commonly seen in TILT patients?

  • Asthma
  • Memory loss
  • Rashes
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neurological dysfunction
  • Hashimoto’s low thyroid

According to various research, people with TILT do not have enough glutathione. This important antioxidant is vital in the treatment and management of Hashimoto’s low thyroid. With a healthy level, the chances of developing TILT or any other immune-based disorder is low.

How Your Gut Can Influence Your Hashimoto’s Low Thyroid Levels

Research also shows that a healthy gut microbiome can alleviate some of the chemical sensitivities that can occur. The gut bacteria affects every function of the body including its immune system. When there’s not enough different types of bacteria or the gut is inflicted with an infection, the immune system is unable to handle the threats and reacts to all stimulants.

This is why the autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s low thyroid occurs.

And, it’s why inflammatory foods, gut inflammation and leaky gut are all important in treating Hashimoto’s low thyroid.  Other factors that can lead to a development in chemical sensitivities are:

  • Acute/chronic stress
  • Chronic system inflammation
  • Omega-3 fatty acids deficiency
  • Vitamin D deficiency

5 Key Ways To Improve Your TILT and Hashimoto’s Low Thyroid Levels

If you’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s low thyroid, you must be careful of coming into toxic chemicals that are found in daily body and household products.  Remember, autoimmunity means your immune system is in hyper-drive and susceptible to TILT (or toxicant-induced loss of tolerance).

In order to decrease your chemical sensitivities, you must follow a strict functional medicine regime. For this to happen, you must implement the following strategies:

  • A healthy diet and exercise program with more anti-inflammatory whole foods
  • Increase your glutathione levels
  • Improve the flora of gut bacteria
  • Increasing your omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D levels
  • Alleviate your stress by implementing various stress-relieving methods

How to learn if you have Hashimoto’s low thyroid

book11Many patients are not diagnosed with hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s until after several years and going through several doctors. It is a demoralizing journey richly illustrated in my book The Truth About Low Thyroid: Stories of Hope and Healing for Those Suffering With Hashimoto’s Low Thyroid Disease, through real-life stories from patients in my practice. Managing Hashimoto’s goes far beyond using thyroid medication as you must work to stop the immune system from attacking the thyroid. For more information on identifying and managing Hashimoto’s low thyroid, contact my office.

About Dr. Josh Redd, Chiropractic Physician — Utah, Arizona, New Mexico functional medicine

Dr. Joshua J. Redd, DC, MS, DABFM, DAAIM, author of The Truth About Low Thyroid: Stories of Hope and Healing for Those Suffering With Hashimoto’s Low Thyroid Disease, is a chiropractic physician and the founder of RedRiver Health and Wellness Center with practices in Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. He sees patients from around the world who suffer from challenging thyroid disorders, Hashimoto’s disease, and other autoimmune conditions. In addition to his chiropractic degree, Dr. Redd has a BS in Health and Wellness, a BS in Anatomy, and a MS in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine.  He speaks across the nation, teaching physicians about functional blood chemistry, low thyroid, Hashimoto’s, and autoimmunity. You can join his Facebook page here.