Dr. Loren Grover, DC

Loren Grover, is originally from Logan, UT. He completed his postgraduate degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2006.

From an early age, he has loved learning about nutrition, exercise and various lifestyle techniques that support the body’s natural healing ability. As a youth, he suffered a back injury while skiing. When over-the-counter medication didn’t provide relief, he tried chiropractic care and was amazed at how well his body healed under the proper conditions. He developed a thirst for more knowledge about how bodies work and started a lifelong pursuit of learning and sharing that knowledge.

Dr. Grover has trained in disorders of the endocrine system, sports injuries, upper cervical chiropractic (QSM3), and Muscle Activation Therapy. He has certifications from Bridgeport University in Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry and Mastering the Thyroid. He served as Palmer College of Chiropractic faculty for outreach to underserved areas.

His passion is to help others best manage their conditions and craft healthy lifestyles.