Support your regulatory T cells to manage Hashimoto’s low thyroid

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831 supporting t reg cells hashis When it comes to autoimmune Hashimoto’s low thyroid, quenching inflammation and immune attacks on the thyroid is key. One of the most best strategies is to boost your regulatory T cells (T reg cells). These are immune cells that help regulate the immune system. They determine whether to activate or dampen inflammation. The good news is that when it comes to Hashimoto’s low thyroid, we have many tools to dampen inflammation and inhibit Hashimoto’s flare ups.

How to support T reg cells to manage Hashimoto’s low thyroid

Here are some ways to support T reg cells to dampen thyroid inflammation from Hashimoto’s low thyroid: Take plenty of vitamin D (cholecalciferol). Fat soluble vitamin D supports T reg cells to dampen inflammation, especially at therapeutic doses of around 10,000 IUs a day. Studies show many people with autoimmune Hashimoto’s low thyroid have a genetic variation that hinders sufficient vitamin D levels. As such, they need higher levels of vitamin D to dampen inflammation, even if a blood test shows adequate vitamin D. That’s because it's a defect at the receptor site that prevents vitamin D from getting into the cells. Omega 3 fatty acids. EPA and DHA in fish oil support T-reg cell's anti-inflammatory actions. Make sure you take enough; most people are deficient. You need 3,500 mg a day if you eat 2,000 calories per day. The average EFA capsule is 1,000 mg so most people need 4 to 6 capsules of fish oil a day. Dietary sources of omega 3 include cold water fish, nuts, and seeds. Glutathione. Glutathione supports T reg cells and dampens inflammation. It's a powerful tool in managing Hashimoto’s low thyroid. Absorbable forms of glutathione include reduced glutathione, s-acetyl-glutathione, liposomal glutathione, and glutathione precursors. Glutathione precursors include n-acetyl cysteine, cordyceps, Gotu Kola, milk thistle, and alpha lipoic acid. Take enough glutathione to dampen inflammation. Short chain fatty acids (SCFAs). SCFAs are signaling compounds that influence the health of the body and brain. Healthy and diverse gut bacteria from a diet with a diverse array of vegetables helps your body produce plenty of SCFAs. The more abundant and diverse your gut bacteria the better your SCFA production. This helps proper T reg cell function and dampening of Hashimoto's low thyroid inflammation. You can also take the SCFA butyrate, however, you’ll still need to eat a diverse array of vegetables for it to be truly effective. Endorphins. Did you know joy, happiness, love, and playfulness dampen inflammation? All of these things produce endorphins, feel good chemicals that support T reg cells to reduce inflammation. Ways to increase endorphins include:
  • Socializing regularly with healthy people
  • Laughter
  • Sex
  • Healthy touch
  • Feeling love
  • Meditation and breath work
  • Massage and other forms of body work
  • Doing something playful regularly
  • Daily expression of gratitude via a journal or verbal affirmation
  • Regular exercise that gives you a “natural high” but doesn’t wear you out
These are some of the ways you can manage your Hashimoto’s low thyroid. Ask my office for more information.

How to learn if you have Hashimoto’s low thyroid

book11Many patients are not diagnosed with hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s until after several years and going through several doctors. It is a demoralizing journey richly illustrated in my book The Truth About Low Thyroid: Stories of Hope and Healing for Those Suffering With Hashimoto's Low Thyroid Disease, through real-life stories from patients in my practice. Managing Hashimoto’s goes far beyond using thyroid medication as you must work to stop the immune system from attacking the thyroid. For more information on identifying and managing Hashimoto’s low thyroid, contact my office.

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Dr. Joshua J. Redd, DC, MS, DABFM, DAAIM, author of The Truth About Low Thyroid: Stories of Hope and Healing for Those Suffering With Hashimoto's Low Thyroid Disease, is a chiropractic physician and the founder of RedRiver Health and Wellness Center with practices in Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. He sees patients from around the world who suffer from challenging thyroid disorders, Hashimoto's disease, and other autoimmune conditions. In addition to his chiropractic degree, Dr. Redd has a BS in Health and Wellness, a BS in Anatomy, and a MS in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine.  He speaks across the nation, teaching physicians about functional blood chemistry, low thyroid, Hashimoto's, and autoimmunity. You can join his Facebook page here 

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