“I have 8 children; I am 50 years old, and am currently working on a master’s degree. I have had Hashimotos autoimmune disease for years. I have suffered from symptoms ranging from sleepless nights, high anxiety, and terrible itching arms (to the point of bleeding) to hair loss, brain fog, irregular bowel function and fatigue. I was taking high doses of hormones, yet my symptoms got worse.

As a yogi, I am in good shape, however, my body, mind and spirit connection was not in harmony. Even feeling fit, I was tired all the time. I would drink caffeine every two hours just to get through the day. I slept restless, woke up at night, and my bodies elimination system was lacking.

Finally I went to RedRiver Health and Wellness Center. Is it possible to feel great, sleep hard, work long days, feel rested, feel centered, and have good energy all day long even 14 hours a day, and also feel great? Absolutely! It is possible to feel great at 50, to have long days, to be balanced, and to have a joyous feeling of health and wellness. Today I feel great!

I highly recommend the RedRiver to anyone struggling with Thyroid problems and issues of imbalanced hormones.”

Francine M.