“For years I’ve struggled with my weight and thinning hair, but thyroid test results always came back “normal.” About a year ago I became so tired and felt as if I could go to sleep for the night at 2:00 pm! I dragged through the day with no energy and felt achy and tired all over. My digestive tract was a mess too. I saw Red River on a TV commercial 4 months ago and decided to call for an appointment. “Maybe they could help me,” I thought. They discovered I had inflammation, my adrenal and cortisol levels were all messed up, I had slightly high cholesterol, low vitamin D level and my digestive tract need help (which I knew), and my body temperature was too low. Within 2 weeks I felt my energy level return to normal! I felt great again. Slowly over the past 4 months my digestive tract is now functioning properly, my body temperature is normal again and overall I feel the way I used to feel- GREAT! My hair is still a little thin, but not like it was. I’d definitely recommend coming in for an appointment if you are feeling the way I was. The difference I feel in such a short amount of time is amazing!”