“I was born sick and have always been sick with everything from stomach pains, to severe headaches and joint pains. I remember going to the doctor from a young age and was first diagnosed with acute stomach pains, then bronchial spasms, all the way up to Cushing’s disease, PCOS and diabetes. My symptoms were: skin rashes, stomach pains, extreme joint pain, heart pains, severe asthma, continual strep throat, mouth sores, nodules on the thyroid, extreme fatigue, no periods, paranoia, and brain swelling that resulted in momentary loss of reality. No doctor had been able to correlate any of the symptoms. I was put on multiple different brands of birth control, which made me go crazy. I was then put on Metformin which made me have massive stomach cramps and throw-up constantly. It was at this point that I realized, after 22 years of going to multiple different specialists, these doctors were not able to help me. I had given up. Their medication made me feel worse then I already did. I had accepted the fact that regardless of how much pain I was in, this was my life. Then one day we were told about Dr. Redd and the results he was getting with his Hashimoto patients, which happened to be one of the numerous diseases that I had been diagnosed with. When I met with him the first time I was relieved that someone would listen to me and understood that I needed help. They did a lot of testing and concluded that I had Lupus combined with Hashimoto’s disease along with multiple imbalances that caused them both to flare up. After that, they put me on the anti-inflammatory diet, to address the triggers they had found in my blood work. My symptoms pretty much went away. I lost 40 lbs in 3 months. Through the lab testing I discovered that I was allergic to eggs, milk, beef, pork, soy, gluten, and corn protein. There was one symptom that was hard to get rid of which was my joint pain, but then they put me on supplements that made it vanish. With the supplements they have me on that Dr. Kharrazian designed, I am able to live a normal life pain free. I have been off the program for 4 months and still feel great! I owe my life to them!!!”

JanaLynn, West Jordan Ut. – Age 24