“Several months ago I saw your commercial for RedRiver Health and Wellness and decided it was time for me to do something about my Hashimoto’s diagnosis other than taking medication prescribed for me by my G.P. After 3 days in a row in February this year during which I felt so exhausted upon waking that I didn’t think I would be able to make it down my hallway of my home to the kitchen to feed my three dogs. Of course I did make it down the hall, holding onto the wall, but I was barely able to feed the dogs. I returned to bed and stayed all day. Although I am 72 years old, I knew my exhaustion was something more than again. I have always been energetic and strong, so I called your clinic for an evaluation.

Starting with my phone call to the clinic, and my conversation with Donatta and my first meeting with Dr. Gadway, my experience has been a joyful one. I found Dr. Gadway to be charming, caring and a thoughtful doctor who gives an impression of total dedication. [He is] THE detective who wants nothing less than discovery of each food, emotional and other issues plaguing his patient. I felt complete confidence in his ability to ferret out all the origins of my own health issues. Certainly not the experience I’ve had with other doctors.

As of today, I am mowing my own lawn once a week with a battery-operated push mower on my acre in Corrales, which takes 3 hours. I do my own pruning , etc., etc. I haven’t had this kind of energy in 15 years. I am thrilled!

Thank you for your excellence in your choice of staff and for caring for those of us who have issues not addressed by ‘traditional medicine.'”