“Dr Redd brought me back from the dead-at least i felt dead. To face every day with fatigue, unrelenting pain everywhere, out of control weight, insomnia, craving sugar/starches and brain fog was horrible. Dr Redd did detailed medical tests to find the CAUSE of my symptoms. NO GUESSING. With Dr Redd’s incredible knowledge and ability to diagnose he created an individualized healing plan for me. Dr Redd stays in constant contact with me, monitoring my progress, challenges, and needed changes. He has taught me how to be proactive with my own health. His warm personality creates trust. He is a great listener, very positive, highly motivating, and friendly. When necessary, firm. I have released 60 lbs + and going strong! I sleep! Cravings gone! Pain is drastically reduced! I can be involved with life and people again! Dr Redd is a great, inspiring Dr that has a passion for his work and genuinely cares for his patients. His staff is so professional, polite and patient. He has given me back my life!”