“After years of suffering from severe thyroid symptoms, the Doctors finally discovered that I had a calcified thryroid that resulted in years of hyperthyroidism. They radiated my thyroid and put me on Levothyroxine, a hormone to correct hypothyroidism. After being on the medication for a few months I realized that the medication had not fixed the problem. My hair continued to fall out by the hand full. I was still severely fatigued and had no energy. I was unable to walk long distances and it was strenuous to breath. I had officially given up on everything! I then realized that this is what my life would be and so I had to come to terms with it. After taking my three daughters to Dr. Redd, he suggested that I needed help also and he offered to take some tests and analyze them for me. I got an urgent call from Dr. Redd the day after I had my blood drawn telling me that I need to go to the hospital as soon as possible because I had no red blood cells. Dr. Redd understood that although he knew that there was a problem he was unable to treat it. I made an appointment with my Doctor the next day. After arguing with the hospital Doctor about who I should have been seeing even though I had been going to them regularly for the same problem, they admitted me to the hospital. They did an emergency transfusion that day and also did a vaginal check because they wanted to see where I was losing blood. It was then that they found a gigantic tumor on my cervix and then scheduled an immediate hysterectomy. Before they did the surgery they had to give me 4 more pints of blood so that I was physically able to do the surgery. They found over 20 tumors ranging in sizes in my uterus. Since the surgery Dr. Redd has stabilized my red blood cells and allowed me to breathe and walk normally. I have also lost 50 pounds and stopped losing my hair. If Dr. Redd would not have offered to help I would have died.”

Lori, West Jordan Ut. – Age 54