“After feeling lousy for such a long time I finally went to a Doctor and requested a blood test. I had all the classic symptoms of a low thyroid or hypothyroidism. My TSH came back out of balance and I found out I had Hashimoto’s Low Thyroid Disease. I started my long road of multiple blood tests and medications of which none seemed to do anything. My weight continued to rise and my health continued to disintegrate. Other parts of my endocrine system began to manifest other autoimmune diseases. My adrenal glands became deficient and I was put on steroids, which further eroded my health. Everything I ate seemed to make me even sicker. I found no relief from the traditional medical world or alternative medicine. I was tired of being told my blood levels looked good and I should feel fine. I could not understand how I used to have such good energy and now I have none. I always ate a good diet, with plenty of whole wheat bread, vegetables and water. I knew I should not be this tired and overweight. I have always exercised my whole life. Yet I produced barely enough energy to function. Normal chores became so overwhelming and now with a 30 pound weight gain, I looked so swollen with thinning eyebrows and hair loss. People, who knew me from my past, did not recognize me anymore. I was a walking zombie. With so little reserves I had to ration my energy for work and my family and no matter what, I always saved energy, for my son. So one day after school I opened up his backpack to see what he had brought home that day from school and I noticed a picture of a woman lying down in bed. So I asked him to tell me about his nice picture, he replied,” it’s you, mommy.” My heart sunk as I realized that this is how he saw me? He had drawn a picture of me, his mother, lying down in bed. How sad, I thought to myself. That is when the next week I was told I needed to see Dr. Redd for some help. Because I had been very sick for 12 or more years it took a while to respond to the treatment methods that Dr. Redd put me on. But with his coaching and support I began to feel better. My daily aches and pains began to diminish. I had no more headaches, shortness of breath and my fatigue was fading. I started to make plans for my life instead of just trying to make it through the day. My weight and body fat slowing started to drop off. I began feeling more confident and less anxious. But one of the most life changing treatments was the stabilizing and strengthening of my digestive track. We found out through a DNA test that I had severe bacterial infections and multiple parasites along with intestinal permeability issues. For the first time in my adult life, I have a healthy gut. I was able to go and do things again. The debilitation diarrhea, constipation and acid indigestion was gone. For years I caught every cold and flu virus out there and now I was able to fight off disease. After a workout at the gym I would go home and sleep, my strength never increased, I was not able to maintain my muscle. Once on Dr. Redd’s program my body started to respond to the exercise and I became stronger and more energetic. People at the gym that I attend started to notice how good I looked. They would comment on my skin, that I had a glow. It is like waking up after a long hibernation. Never will you find a Doctor that will treat you as a whole person. Dr Redd looks at the entire body and nourishes and directs the many pathways to health. He helped me so I can live my life again….”