"My daughter Mindy saw one of your television shows. She was very interested and we both decided to have a consultation with you. I am very glad we did. My health issues may seem small compared to others but to me my health had changed a lot. For the last ten years I have had less and less energy. I have had episodes when I needed to be on an anti- depressant. My legs and feet would ache and swell. I was gaining weight every year. I was not able to lose more than a pound or two and then it would come right back. Weight had not been a problem for me in my 20's and 30's but it sure was now. (I am now in my mid 50"s) I have been having a lot of pain and weakness in my wrists and arms, even my shoulders and neck. I thought I had carpal tunnel. I have had nerve tests done two different times. Both times I was told I didn't have nerve damage. It was not carpal tunnel. Some people have told me it was just because I was getting older, that it is just the way it is. Deep down I didn't believe that. Since being a patient of Dr. Redd/Andersen I have had so much improvement. I feel like I used to. I have more energy, my stomach isn't bloated and uncomfortable anymore. My mind is more clear than it has been for a long time. I lost 15 pounds in the first 6-8 weeks of the program. I am in my fourth month now and continue to lose weight. I was on the road to Diabetes, I had problems with liver, thyroid, pituitary, red blood cells, cortisole, andrenal glands, GI tract, estrogen, good bacteria, cholesterol levels and even a parasite. Almost all of these problems have been corrected. No wonder I am feeling so good now! Then, using a chiropractic procedure called decompression, Dr Redd/Anderson have reversed a lot of the problems I was having with my neck, shoulders, arms and hands. An MRI of my neck showed I had degenerative disc disease, spurs, bulging discs, and nerve compression. After the first week of these treatments I was able to sift flour! Something I didn't have strength in my hands to do. Then after a few more treatments I had less pain. My neck wasn't hurting all the time, even the pain in my shoulder(s) was improving! My life has changed drastically for the better. I am so thankful my daughter saw your show and got me here. Thank you so much for helping me feel so good!"


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One of the main goals at RedRiver Health and Wellness Center is to work with patients to improve their health, wellbeing, and quality of life. The RedRiver Health and Wellness Center team is passionate about helping ailing patients achieve optimal health, and we truly care about the success of each and every patient.

RedRiver chiropractic physicians are great advocates for prescribing physicians and endocrinologists. In fact, many of our patients see their prescribing physician(s) more frequently while under our care than they would otherwise. Our goal is not to replace our patients’ primary care physicians and specialists, but to complement their care by providing patients with nutrition, diet, lifestyle and educational support and strategies. This way, patients can learn to manage their symptoms more efficiently. We have developed rewarding relationships with many prescribing physicians across the country, and we strive to continue to building relationships with MDs, DOs, NPs, and NMDs. When health professionals can work together for the benefit of the patient’s health, it becomes a win/win situation for the one who matters most—the patient.

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