“During this time of thanksgiving, I would like to tell Dr. Redd, how thankful I am, for him helping me to feel better. He took the time to listen to what was not working with my body, and try and solve some of those problems. At the time I came to Dr. Redd, I was scheduled for a hysterectomy, due to years of hormone problems, and constant increased doses of estrogen. I had no energy, hot/cold flashes, and almost everything I ate, caused bloating and digesting problems. I had spent about 16 years or so, of seeing numerous doctors of various sorts, had been given every test you can imagine, and charged thousands of dollars…with still no real answers. I was at a loss. I knew something was not right, and I knew how I felt was not normal for my age. I had been battling chronic candida problems, brain fog, lack of energy, sleepless nights, anxiety, swelling, water retention, chronic constipation, hair loss and breakage, acne, spider veins/bruising & swelling in my legs, and just basically a loss of ability to keep up with my busy schedule and my family.

Dr. Redd was able to do a variety of tests, read the results, and go about a plan to correct problems I was having. Within a few months, my energy levels were getting back to normal, I had learned ways to eat, that would help my food digestion function better, and as an added bonus…lost a few unwanted extra pounds. Thanks to Dr. Redd, I feel great, and I am able to keep up with the busy schedule of life, now!

Dr.Redd, “YOU ARE THE BEST!” Thanks for giving me my life back : )”